The Letterista Turns Left at Albuquerque

Since very few folks have ever seen this blog, I suppose I’m writing this for future readers of archived posts. Far future readers, most likely.

The Letterista had conceived an idea some months ago that she could help small business owners with sticky customer situations, but truly, small business owners are so much more tuned into good customer service that they really don’t need a coach. Now, monster corporations, maybe, but they have oceans of high-dollar, (say in hushed, reverent voice) Fortune 500 consultants to whip their mercurial customer service reputations into shape.

And, honestly, The Letterista has run out of useful topics on reputation management, so this blog has become — dare we say it? — work. We don’t know about you, but we have a few minor issues with paying to go to work. When the fun ceases and the work begins, money had better follow or it’s surely a fool’s errand.

So, what to do, then, now that we are all set up with LinkedIn and Facebook? Ah. We’re glad you asked. The answer is: for the time being, we think we may just post writings for the fun of it. Short stories, musings, essays, maybe. We’ll see. We rather like the idea of posting pieces written for publication but rejected enough times that this blog can be their final resting place.

We have no qualms with this. We know we have the writing chops, we just don’t have the Master of Fine Arts degree that opens doors to literary magazines.  Since we grow in our freelance non-fiction writing career in other venues, our feelings aren’t terribly smashed into little bits of bitter glass tears when our fiction or personal narratives find no love out there in the vicious wilds. Even the famous authors have closets full of rejection letters. We are in auspicious company, we’re sure.

Surely, one day when The Letterista is pushing up daisies, these writings may take on actual value. Let’s hope that day is far away over the horizon.

In the meantime, today, we would like to point your attention to a fellow WordPress author and his brand new blog. He is a bit new to blogging and is a budding writer with a very real future in the art. We are quite proud to follow and link to his work. Please read his story And So We Headed East on


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