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I Fired My Doctor after Taking this Wonderplant Extract
Now I live pain-free
Sleep like a baby and
Wake up happy every day.
   When I was twelve years old, I accidentally ran my bike into a moving car. I probably got off cheap with little more than a knot on my head and a wrenched back. My pretzelized bike, on the other hand, didn’t fare so well. But those seemingly minor injuries morphed into a lifelong struggle that robbed me of my happy, carefree life.

   My back began to hurt all the time. My moods and emotions became unbalanced. It became agonizing to walk, stand, sit or lie down in any one position for more than a few minutes at a time.

   For the past 48 years, my doctors recommended or prescribed all kinds of drugs for pain, mood and sleep. But the drugs – even from the drugstore shelf – were making me sicker and sicker as time went by. My body was getting filled with toxic chemicals that did little good for my health. I felt trapped between pain and poison. 

   If you’ve suffered from similar health issues and have been taking the commonly-prescribed drugs, this probably sounds pretty familiar to you. Shaky hands, zombiness, gut issues, bloating, skin problems, sleepless nights and fatigue kept me from enjoying the vibrant life I always dreamed of. Decades passed before I stumbled into real help.

   You see, last year, my chiropractor and naturopath, Dr. Milo Gramm, suggested I try this remarkable new plant extract. I did, and all those problems disappeared within 2 months. Not long after, I actually fired my crew of doctors! The only one I see now is the one who told me about this incredible product.

   Hi, my name is Linda June. I’m as real as they come and live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I just have to share with you this astonishing plant extract. If it could do so much for me, I’m pretty sure it can support just about anyone struggling to remain in good shape, both physically and mentally, and to finally enjoy restorative, healing sleep.

   Nowadays, it’s no more prescription drugs for me! Without them, I said good-bye to a life without hope ... a life filled with terrible drug side effects – all of it. I said hello to the life I always wanted, full of vigor, energy and exciting new opportunities. How did this finally come to pass?

   Thanks to a little change in the Federal Farm Bill of 2018, it’s now possible to maintain optimal health organically – the way Nature intended. With fearless, drug-free confidence, we can effectively take charge of those problems that try to drag us down.

   Synthetic chemicals for chronic problems simply aren’t the answer for everyone. They certainly weren't saving me. I desperately needed an alternative. Do you? Like me, I'm sure once you try this amazing plant extract – that our parents were flat out denied – you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

   Now, I’m not knocking all prescription drugs. Sometimes they mean the difference between life and death. The problem is … many just don’t work very well long-term, and we almost always endure side effects, sometimes serious ones. Pharmaceuticals treat only our symptoms, not the roots of our conditions. Our doctors prescribe more drugs to combat the side effects of the first one. And those drugs spawn even more problems and more drugs. Sooner or later, we have to wonder what’s worse … the problem or the solution? There never seemed to be a good answer. Until now.

An ancient remedy is finally set free.

   Dr. Gramm told me how in 2014, Congress changed the Farm Bill to allow farmers to grow industrial hemp again. (For about a century, all types of cannabis had been banned, even non-psychoactive industrial hemp once used for ropes and canvass – which was crazy, I know.)

   Then in 2018, they removed hemp with .3 percent or less THC (the phytocannabinoid that gets people “high”) from the DEA’s Schedule I drug list. According to my well-informed doctor, industrial hemp is loaded with an extraordinary molecule that doesn’t mess with your head at all but offers very special advantages for human health.* And now this variety of cannabis – industrial hemp – is legal once again at the federal level. But what’s this peculiar feature of hemp that makes it so valuable to our well-being?

Reinforcement for proper metabolic stability to the rescue.

   Dr. Gramm explained to me that legal hemp contains an abundance of cannabidiol (CBD) which works with our internal (endo) cannabinoid system (ECS) to keep our bodies in a balanced state. That equilibrium called “homeostasis.” When our bodies – our metabolic systems – are in balance, we remain healthy and comfortable. When we lose that homeostasis for any reason, we can get chronic discomfort and sickness, physically and sometimes even mentally.

   The damage to my body from slamming into a car threw my homeostasis out of whack, which probably started a cascade of system errors down the line, so to speak.

   Deeply impressed by his research into CBD, Dr. Gramm decided to recommend the oil to his patients. However, because the changes to the Farm Bill only happened recently, and some brands could cut corners on quality and purity, Dr. Gramm hesitated to recommend any one product to his patients. His aim is to help his patients achieve their best level of health possible, but he believed tainted oil could do quite the opposite.

   You see, the government, while prohibiting U.S. farmers from growing domestically, has allowed foreign companies to export their hemp to the U.S. for decades for industrial use. With CBD finally allowed here, those same offshore hemp dealers could easily export CBD oil, too, and that could be dangerous. Here's why.

Hemp extracts contaminants from the soil.

   Hemp plants (actually all cannabis varieties) contain a superpower besides its oil. They uptake heavy metals and pesticides from the soil, earning themselves the job of bioremediation for contaminated soil. Many areas of the world, including China, use hemp to clean up soil in advance of planting a food crop. In fact, it's been rumored that hemp was used to purify the soil at Chernobyl, the site of the terrible nuclear meltdown in 1998.

   That's how well hemp can extract some pretty nasty stuff and keep on growing. So it's incredibly important that hemp for CBD extraction be grown in healthy, organic dirt. Since toxins will come out in the oil, you wouldn't want to use CBD from hemp used to suck toxins out of the soil, ever.

   Worried that his patients might purchase dirty CBD, Dr. Gramm couldn't feel comfortable referring his patients to any product unless he knew its history from seed to bottle. But since the industry in this country is so new, finding a truly transparent CBD company using only clean hemp was pretty tough. That's why Dr. Gramm decided to create his own brand – CBD for Me.

Dr. Gramm eliminates all doubt.
   My good doctor personally developed a solid supply chain from legally-compliant, organic hemp farms in Colorado, Oregon and Washington to cGMP extraction and bottling facilities in Colorado. The hemp and extract undergo rigorous testing along the way. Once bottled, he sends samples from each batch to independent third-party testing labs to verify CBD content and purity. Any lot that fails any part of any of these tests never makes it to market.
   By taking his organic, USA-grown, non-GMO, gluten-free hemp oil formula, folks can regain energy and clarity with perfect confidence. I know the power of Dr. Gramm’s CBD oil. I’m one of his many success stories.

   I thought it was well worth trying this extraordinary CBD formula. What did I have to lose? I was so sick and tired of hurting, never sleeping well, relentlessly fretting about everything and putting up with worsening side effects from the drugs I took. Desperate for anything that would help, I bought a bottle.

   I had nowhere else to turn anyway. I was so tired of feeling worn out, moody, achy and unable to sleep soundly since childhood. I was willing to try anything that didn’t come from a pharmacy. 

   Dr. Gramm prepares his CBD oil tincture from pure industrial hemp, grown organically in the USA according to law. To be sure it never gets contaminated, his lab extracts it in an FDA-approved cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) facility using carbon dioxide (CO2) which is a non-toxic solvent. In fact, CO2 is what makes soda pop fizzy. With CBD for Me, I receive only the best of the hemp plant, an organic hemp seed oil carrier for greater bioavailability and synergy, and nothing else.

I was in for a big surprise.

   I admit to being a bit skeptical, but! What a difference it made for me! With CBD for Me, I was able to regain an active, enjoyable life once again without getting hit with side effects or toxicity. 

   For the first week, my daily problems seemed unaffected as I started out with small amounts and slowly built up. But then one day – roughly an hour after taking my morning dropper of CBD for Me – something changed … and it was huge.

   That day, while pushing the dreaded vacuum cleaner around, I caught myself humming a favorite song. I no longer had a single twinge of pain anywhere! Not in my back, not in my knees or hands or neck or head. In fact, I realized I suddenly felt 20 years younger. Plus, I noticed my head fog had lifted. I could actually string two coherent thoughts together again. And all those dark, fearful notions that usually plagued me had vanished – like, poof! No more tornado of dark ideas in my head. I just couldn’t believe this sudden change. And it got even better.

   That night, I relaxed into my pillow and fell asleep quickly, slept soundly and woke up feeling more rested than I had in years. As the days and weeks flew by with my old self seemingly made new, I could tell what a magnificent difference the CBD for Me was making!

   Then, I thought about my family and friends who suffered with aches and pains and all manner of problems similar to mine that didn't seem to have traumatic injuries as their source. Could this wonderplant extract help them, too? I was curious …

I know why I lost homeostasis, but what about you?

   I asked Doctor Gramm why uninjred peoples' ECS gets thrown out of balance, too. I know so many others with difficulty sleeping, random pain and trouble feeling content. He said, in addition to injuries that don’t heal quite right, we just can’t outrun all the modern things that attack our physical and mental health.

   We can eat lots of vegetables and fruits, exercise and engage in healthy spiritual practices, but we’re sunk deep in an environmental sea of health disruptors that cause inflammation, oxidation and metabolic strain — even if we live far away from urban areas.

   With chemicals in our air, water, food, cleaners and grooming products — plus way too much daily stress dumping the “fight or flight” hormone cortisol into our bloodstreams — we simply can’t avoid all the triggers that work against us. These things can trigger chronic low levels of inflammation. Taken all together, modern life can overload our endocannabinoid systems.

   But now, with CBD to bolster our ECS, we can truly begin to live the good life. We can ...

   *  get good sleep
   *  keep a high level of energy and mental clarity
   *  experience physical comfort day and night
   *  enjoy patience, peace of mind and
   *  regain the power of a vigorous ECS.*
   All this within a short period of time, often as little as one week when you follow the directions on the bottle of CBD for Me.

   CBD for Me offered me my old life back, and I’m willing to bet big that it can help you, too. When I tell people how my life has completely changed, they often say, "Yeah, but I don't want to get high all the time." Well, me neither!

CBD is totally non-intoxicating.

   I got all these benefits without having to endure a cannabis “high.” Since CBD provides healthy phytochemicals that our bodies need, but doesn’t act on our brains like THC, we can feel great all the time. We can still drive and carry on meaningful conversations while enjoying the physical support of a pure, hemp extract. It’s the answer many of us have been praying for.

   Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tires? Are you ready to join me? Dr. Gramm is now offering his premium, organic CBD oil to a select few people ready to live in a comfortable body with a sharp, calm mind. Plus, he’s willing to let you help yourself to this balanced, tranquil health at a one-time low price.

   With a 100 percent money-back guarantee, there’s no risk at all. It’s the offer of a lifetime, so don’t miss out! Once current supplies sell out  and they will go quickly – you’ll never get Dr. Gramm's CBD for me at this price again.

   If you order today using the Code SPECIALCBD, you can try CBD for Me at a substantial discount of $40 for 1,000 mg broad-spectrum (meaning even the trace level of THC has been removed) hemp oil in a 60ml bottle. You’ll never find this kind of quality CBD anywhere for such a crazy low price. Orders are limited to no more than 3 bottles per customer, so don't wait. If you act quickly, relief is just around the corner.

   Once you receive your order, follow the directions on the package. But, if you’re not happy with your results for any reason whatsoever, just return the unused portion for a full refund. You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain when you try this all-natural, organic, USA-grown, completely legal, non-GMO, gluten-free, THC-free hemp CBD oil. Get your supply today!

   To order, do one of the following:

   *  Go to and use the Code CBDSPECIAL at checkout
   *  Call 555-555-5555
   *  Send check and order details to 1111 Cherry Blossom St., Denver, CO 80200

Then, get ready to receive health support like you’ve never seen before! Act fast before this special ends.
Warmest Regards,
Linda M. June

P.S. To see Dr. Gramm's research and scientific support for the value of CBD, be sure to visit There, you'll find articles and links to published research free for the reading!
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.