Check One: Male___ Female___ Yes___

Most of you rightly condemn child abuse in the strongest possible terms, right? I know I do. But the political movement behind “transgenderism” fully supports it. Did you know that?

Although I harbor nothing but the deepest sympathies for folks who believe they want to be, ought to be, or are the opposite sex — because they didn’t arrive at those obsessions via lovely childhoods — still, the natural world will always foil their attempts to alter their physiology, doubling down on their existing tramaus and confusions.

I truly wish they would all wake up and see how the anti-nature, cultural deconstructionists merely pay lip-service to their pain while goading them to extreme behavior. The poor soul, in his/her desolation, perhaps believes that if only they remove certain healthy parts of their bodies, all those rapes and molestations they suffered in early life magically will not have happened.

The unwholesome political activists could not care less about that. They only need fodder for their laws against human nature, common sense, the common good and liberty. Thus, they fill their victims’ heads with righteous, but indefensible, indignation against people who fail to view them as the other sex. This turns out to be the real tragedy.

What they couldn’t prevent in childhood deposits no moral stain on them, but denying their DNA while attempting to force the rest of the world, under the penalty of extreme sanctions, to pretend their DNA doesn’t make them what they actually are oppresses innocent people. That does, indeed, generate a moral stain.

I must pass along this extraordinarily brave video with a spoiler alert. This medical doctor’s talk will enrage that small minority of deluded people (out of the vast majority of deluded people) who would compel you to hail the naked king for his beautiful robes. It is anything but politically correct. However, it’s still a hot topic these days, and this side of the discussion is deliberately suppressed in the major media.

Highlights reel followed by the full interview. Watch whichever you have time for.

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The Letterista

Throughout The Letterista's adult life, she has been an employee for several employers in both retail and contract fulfillment (private contract companies); she's been a private contractor and a small business owner, as well. A great many years were spent managing the offices of a construction trade where the competition was thick and the stakes were high, so the proper, professional handling of complaints and bad reviews was more than just a little important. The skills of good documentation and letter-writing were finely honed in that environment. Now, she writes for fun and profit.

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