If Only It Were About the Cake


If homosexual activists were smart, they’d hope to God the nine Supreme Jurors rule in Mr. Phillip’s favor. Because it’s not about the cake.

I reference the case of the Denver baker and cake artist, Jack Phillips, who refused to decorate a wedding cake for a pair of homosexuals. The outraged couple, ignoring the 67 other cake shops begging for their order, instantly tattled on him, like children, to the state functionaries who allegedly keep a wary eye peeled for social crimes. The baker received a weighty fine, and ever since, he’s trudged up the cold stone stairs of appeals to the height of the Supreme Court, seeking relief and a Constitutional ruling.

Everyone admits this is not about cake. Or flowers and photos, in the case of other professional artisans snapped like kindling over the knees of activist bureaucrats of late. In fact, it’s not even about religious liberty, protected status, same-sex marriage or free speech, if you define free speech as the right to actively speak your mind even though it offends.

This is about transferring that last vestige of power from the people to the rulers. And while homosexuals may be enjoying the upper hand at this moment in time, they’d be fools to think the tables won’t eventually turn back on them. Certainly, the Christians of a century ago never saw the demise of conscience coming.

You see, if the homosexuals win, then the so-called government gives itself (again) the illegitimate power to compel anyone to do anything. This self-derived license won’t remain limited to forcing Christians to create art depicting something the artist finds reprehensible. Nor, when the day comes, will it hold itself to forcing nuns to peddle pornography if they also sell Christmas cards. Even though, at length, it could force Planned Parenthood to fund anti-abortion literature for distribution in the schools, or its staff to pray rosaries outside their own doors, that won’t be the end of the wrong ruling, either.

After the pendulum swings wildly according to the political flavor of whomever pulls the levers of civil power, when the fog of indignation clears, this case will determine whether the agents of secular authority can compel any activity by any person for any reason.

For example, as socialized medicine impoverishes the dreams of would-be medical professionals, what would stop the so-called government from forcing certain intelligent students to become doctors and nurses to fill hospital vacancies? Why wouldn’t they conscript propaganda writers after free speech becomes criminal acts against the state and authors flee the vocation? What would prevent the state from compelling men and women to become mercenary killers should the youth of the land balk at our endless wars?

With the ground already broken by mandatory insurance decrees, a decision that denies Mr. Phillips his natural rights would push us all out of the process of voluntary governance and into the deep, reeking pit of straight-up servitude. It may take decades before the effects become as evident and egregious as described, but a ruling against a humble baker today will stretch far beyond its current dotted line in the sand. Honest historians, if such exist in our future, may find this case the turning point in our history, the moment when the American experiment in liberty got its throat slashed.

If you think this is little more than alarmism, I must ask: Did you sleep through all of your history classes? Have you never heard of the Soviet Union, Hitler’s Germany, Chairman Mao’s China, just to name the more notorious brutes of autocratic states? Did the fact of continued slavery in the south after Lincoln’s successful war slip your mind? What makes you think rulers on our continent have cleaner hearts than those on the rest of the land masses? If it’s profitable for the elite to call your tune for you, don’t you think they’ll do anything to make you dance?

In America, oppressions builds slowly, election by election, case by Supreme Court case. In our country, it’s more effective to sneak servitude in through the back door than by smashing windows with flash-bang grenades.

Whether you are a committed Christian or dedicated anti-Christian “social justice warrior,” pray to whatever you worship that Mr. Phillips wins his day in court

Published by

The Letterista

Throughout The Letterista's adult life, she has been an employee for several employers in both retail and contract fulfillment (private contract companies); she's been a private contractor and a small business owner, as well. A great many years were spent managing the offices of a construction trade where the competition was thick and the stakes were high, so the proper, professional handling of complaints and bad reviews was more than just a little important. The skills of good documentation and letter-writing were finely honed in that environment. Now, she writes for fun and profit.

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