10 Reasons Why Millenials Should Be Afraid, Very Afraid. Part Deux

See Part One here. We left off on the topic of how churches sold sold their souls to Mammon by incorporating themselves. Now let’s see how money, total surveillance and the coming new identification plans put the end of the world within reach of the end of the Millenial generation.

10 Reasons Why the Apocalypse Will Happen Within the Lifetime of the Millenial Generation, continued

  1. Fiat Currency

Nothing proves the evil of the elite PTB (Powers That Be) like the creation of money out of nothing that is owned and controlled by supra-national banking families. These self-same purveyors of the NWO have worked together for centuries to create a global banking system whereby they are the sole owners of worldwide currencies. By their political machinations, they now own all of the central banks of all the post-stone age countries of the world, by way of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements. G. Edward Griffin’s book, The Creature From Jekyll Island, contains a huge trove of information on this topic. He names names and explains how the neo-monetary system actually works, something few people bother to understand for fear of migraines. For a synopsis, see this interview of Mr. Griffin.

The summary for our day is this: A few banking families, wealthy from their exploits of loaning to the governments on both sides of any given war since the crusades, at least, and also owning the weapons factories, gained permission, by hook and by crook, from the governments of the world to create each country’s central bank. In the United States, this was patently illegal to do, but a cadre of conspirators slid a bill, the Federal Reserve Act, into a tiny contingency of waiting Congressmen in 1913 with little ex-post facto opposition to speak of. The people of America were stabbed in the heart by their elected officials over a hundred years ago, but what’s new about that? When was the last time they didn’t knife their constituents?

Anyway, these central banks trafficked in paper currency, since they dealt in massive sums for imports and exports. These currencies once were backed by precious metals, gold and silver, since metals were accepted as true money the world over. Making a long story short, these banks convinced the leaders of the countries to remove the metal backing of their (the bankers’) currencies and let the value of the paper float. No surprise, the governments did just that. Of course, they had to pass laws to force real people to use the worthless, fiat, paper money. How stupid is it to confuse paper with gold? Very, and most folks weren’t really fooled. Hence, the paper money had to be enforced at the point of a gun. Then, in the U.S. at least, they ripped off the gold and silver, people’s private deposits, from the vaults of the banks.

It was a heist of, well, apocalyptic proportions. To cover the heist, old Franklin Roosevelt declare gold ownership illegal and commanded everyone turn in his private stock at the nearest Federal Reserve Bank. And people actually did it. Huh. This all took place within the early to mid-twentieth century, well before the advent of the Millenial generation.

History proves time and again that the only fate of a fiat currency is hyperinflation, social upheaval and the death of the monetary system. It is only a matter of time. But before that happens, those who have first access to the printed money buy up everything in sight with it. Why wouldn’t they? If you could own all real estate without breaking a sweat working for it, wouldn’t you be tempted? Sure! And that is exactly what the elite did by way of their proxy governments.

No state on Earth respects private property in this new century. They may allow people to use property, but if they hanker to use it themselves, they confiscate it or buy it with their officially-dictated Monopoly money. The Constitution was created to prevent just such common crimes of states, but that protection ended with Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and great granddad’s silence in the face of the massive shake down.

  1. Going Cashless

People, formerly known as “kooks” because they kicked up a loud fuss about the NWO which most folks believed could never possibly exist, have warned of the coming eradication of cash since the 1930s, at least. Well, guess what? Removing the ability to privately buy and sell in cash is quite near to becoming a reality. As the convenience of electronic payments becomes universally popular, one day it will morph from voluntary to mandatory in the same way that insurance mutated from something you could have to something you could go to prison for not having—in the Land of the Free.

Once cash is sucked back into the maws of the bankocracy, all you have are credits in an account that may or may not be accessed by you depending on whether or not you refrain from torquing off a bureaucrat or his/her owners.

The only thing standing between our crippled fiat economy and the cashless command system is a contrived economic disaster. A pre-planned stock market crash, run on banks and a mysterious and sudden influx of fiat money into the economy would provide the excuse to flush away the somewhat private monetary system. Under the pretext of roping in hyperinflation, the PTB will outlaw cash. Since the elite control the creation of money out of nothing, it’s a small matter to simply flood the world’s currencies with volcanic eruptions of monopoly money. The result will be prices launching to the moon and accusations of greedy merchants. Economic systems will collapse and the new system will be waiting in the wings. Say buh-bye to your pesky cash that once enabled economic privacy.

  1. The Panopticon Surveillance State

If you’ve noticed a theme here, it’s that in order for the Antichrist to have complete control over the world, he must first have complete control over every human being. That entails the ability to know, in real time, everything that’s going on everywhere. Before the age of electronics, this ability could not exist. Now it can and it does.

A panopticon is described as “a building, as a prison, hospital, library, or the like, so arranged that all parts of the interior are visible from a single point.” The Edward Snowden revelations did nothing if not demonstrate that we now live in a panopticon world with all information gathered through our use of phones and computers being stored in giant central databases. We are told this total surveillance is for our own good because, without it, subversives will allow the terrorists to come kill us all. If not Muslims, then the drug gangs. Or the pedophiles and pornographers. Or your next door neighbor. The electronics and databases exist in advanced form right now in the midst of the youth of the Millenials. Does anyone think the efficiency of the panopticon state will crumble from here on out? Nope. It’ll only get better.

  1. Global Identifier to Replace Social Security Numbers

In reference to the Beast, Apocalypse 13:16 – 18 says, “And he shall make all, both little and great, rich and poor, freemen and bondmen, to have a character in their right hand, or on their foreheads.[17]And that no man might buy or sell, but he that hath the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.[18]Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast. For it is the number of a man: and the number of him is six hundred sixty-six.”

This passage describes, of course, the Mark of the Beast. Speculation on what exactly it will be runs the gamut from Social Security numbers (SSN) to bar code tattoos to smart cards to microchip implants to maybe something else entirely. No matter what form this evil mark takes, we do know that, under a powerful delusion from witnessing the False Prophet’s signs and wonders or out of economic necessity, nearly everyone on the planet will accept it. For those who do, hell is their final destination. The devil had better excavate some more caverns for his guests. They’ll be plentiful when the time comes.

For most of the previous century, vigilant monitors of the milestones en route to the NWO, the Kooks, have sounded the alarm over SSNs because they fulfill almost all the requirements to be the Mark. But is it?

Working in favor of the theory is that being marked in either the hand or the forehead could be reasonably explained by the fact that you can hold a SS card in your hand, or memorize the number in your (fore)head. We are told now that we MUST have one in order to work for someone else, to hire employees, open bank accounts, acquire credit cards and driver’s licenses, purchase insurance, see a doctor or be admitted to a hospital, deduct children from your taxes, and so on. Yet, as long as the use of cash is allowed, taking a SSN is still voluntary, and somewhat ordinary life can proceed, albeit with great difficulty, without one.

One can propose why the SSN itself most likely can’t be the Mark is because of the stupendous amount of fraud surrounding its use. Every day, it seems, we hear about another major company getting hacked and customer information, including SSNs hijacked. With identity theft such as it is, how could an organized system of tying every person on the planet to an individual identifying number morph out of the SSN without the new system inheriting its chaos? No worries, simply reinvent the whole thing.

What Satan and his PTB need is a whole new identification system starting from scratch, something that will squeeze out all of the duplicate identifications and accounts like air under window tint. Of course, this new system will employ biometrics, such as fingerprints, iris maps and DNA so it’s much harder to use if you’re not the real person attached to the ID.

The technology for such a system already exists and where it’s still deficient can be perfected in a few short years. Even backwater countries have electricity and can be fitted with the electronic means for individual identification within a decade. So this system can start long before the Millenials become grandparents. All the NWO needs in order to introduce this new identification system is the great global economic crisis which they can manufacture at any moment.

Coming up next: The conclusion; microchip implants, signs in the sky and the prophecies of Fatima and St. Malachy.

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