10 Reasons Why Millenials Should Be Afraid, Very Afraid (Part One)

Since it’s pretty lengthy, here’s the first part of one of those 10-thing list articles I wrote on spec many months ago. I submitted it to a website that calls for these kinds of articles. They publish slews of them, some interesting, some not so much. Well, since they never bothered to even acknowledge the submission, I’m publishing it here. So there.

10 Reasons Why the Apocalypse Will Happen Within the Lifetime of the Millenial Generation

The ancient Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times,” certainly seems to be operative within our current age. Once Ben Franklin determined to discover the properties of lightning, the world of technology and industrialization took off like a race horse out of the gate and has never looked back, leaving the predominantly uneventful agrarian lifestyle in its dust.

With the advent of modern warfare, military industrialization, mechanized farming and powered factories, most western populations abandoned the country side and flowed into cities like ants to a picnic. Political shifts towards a quasi-egalitarianism opened universities to intellects which, in previous eras, would have languished for lack of appropriate family status. The results have been nothing short of miraculous in terms of technological advances, on the positive side, in medicine, communications, music, art, transportation, entertainment and conveniences.

Since, it seems, all good things must have an opposite side as disastrous as the positive side is beneficial, the Dr. Jekyll of improvements have a Mr. Hyde of penalties. The evil twin of industrialization has manifested in a host of environmental, social and moral iniquities such as the world has never seen before—has never had the capability to produce before the twentieth century, AD. Wars, genocide, politically-induced famines and legalized abortions have violently swept hundreds of millions of humans from the face of the earth in the twentieth century alone. One might add to that total the increasing number of fatalities from a swelling array of lunatics and terrorists.

A portion of Sir Isaac Newton’s first law of motion states that a body in motion will remain in motion at a constant velocity until acted on by a net external force. So it also seems to go with human activity as well as with physics. It is no more possible to put the forward-moving tech genie back in the bottle than to prevent our first parents from thumbing their noses at God and defiantly eating that allegorical fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Which means that, if the calamities of industrial technology are to cease, a “net external force” will have to step into the road and throw down the tire spikes.

While some might see an imminent ravaging of Earth from climate change, be it an impending new ice age or a blazing surge of heat, as the comeuppance for abusing the natural resources of the planet, such a finale ignores the consequences of the social and moral crimes awash over the globe.

Enter the supernatural stage right.

We’re all familiar with the concept of the apocalypse. Jewish and Christian scripture point to an end of the world scenario which will be as jolly as a Quentin Tarantino movie with zombies added. While prophecies of the end of days pepper scripture here and there throughout the Old and New Testaments, no book sums it up quite as vividly as the Book of Apocalypse, as it is called in the Douay-Rheims version.

According to traditional Christian understanding, immediately prior to the return of Jesus Christ and Judgment Day, there will be: 1. a Man of Sin, the final Antichrist; 2. an allegorical or metaphorical beast which will control all economic activity on earth; and 3. a false prophet who will perform all manner of deceptions to convince people to worship the beast and take its symbol of ownership, the much ballyhooed Mark of the Beast. The one overriding theme of the cataclysms of the end times is deception which concludes in forced religious and political cooperation with the Powers That Be (PTB) under pain of death, followed by extreme episodes of ecological destruction with near-total casualties.

So, why would anyone seriously think the fulfillment of time is so close that the Millenial generation will live to die in it?

Because Satan is the master of the counterfeit and a destroying angel, not a divine Creator, he has no choice but to devise his false signs and wonders from naturally-developed worldly technology. Unlike his most hated enemy, Jesus Christ, Satan cannot simply perform miracles at will. If he could, the human race would have ended with Adam and Eve; it would have been a murder-suicide. The technology to manufacture all the deceptions of the Antichrist’s Beast and False Prophet finally exists in the world, in one developed stage or another, even as we speak. The Millenials, too young to understand what they are doing and already steeped in deceptions from public schooling, will push it forward and perfect it. The Millenial Generation, or Gen Y, is loosely defined as those born between 1980 and 1999. If born in 1980, an American Millenial can expect a natural life span of approximately 75 to 80 years, placing the death expectation range at about 2055 to 2060. That gives them another six decades to polish the technology the devil needs to finally squeeze the life out of the Earth.

Below are ten good reasons why the Millenial generation could easily be the last.

  1. The Freemasons and the Illuminati

Naturally, no treatment of the apocalypse would be complete without discussing the Illuminati. Once derided as a conspiracy theorist’s delusion, now documentation of the Illuminati and the New World Order (NWO) is so pervasive that the scoffers themselves appear to be the tinfoil-hatted nuts. Today, if someone tries to convince you that there’s no such thing as an overarching secret society of Freemasons, whether they refer to themselves as the Illuminati or not, you can mirthfully ask them in which sensory deprivation chamber they’ve been hiding for the past 25 years. A quick Google search pulls up over half a million hits, and not all the bytes and bits are derivative commentary. Much of the work provides photocopies of original documents such as Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma, as well as testimonies of present and former members. When you hear the talking heads mention “the Establishment,” they are speaking of the network of families, and their representatives in government, industry and education, who are members of the Illuminati and who drive the putsch to culminate in this New Order they desire.

In short summary, the NWO is a global, collectivist, totalitarian political system, or state, wherein the Luciferian elite families (yes, Satan worshipers) of the world own and control every human and every single thing including all land, the air and all the water. It is the quintessential dystopian future where all true freedom and true religion is eliminated while all the lesser people serve the elite. In this system, religion will exist, but it will be a top-down enforcement of a false global religion wherein one man will proclaim himself the true messiah and demand worship. Refusing will result in the penalty of death. Reserving faith in Jesus Christ and His one true Church will be the ultimate crime, and many poor souls will be martyred for it. No other competing religion will be tolerated, either, but destruction of the Catholic Church is the first and last aim of the New Order of the Ages. All other religions and Christian denominations will be snuffed as a by-product.

The plot to eliminate the Church and all opposing religions is already well underway and only awaits the political decrees of the secular powers to call for their ban, which leads to point number 2:

  1. 501( c )( 3 ) Corporate Churches

One of the first items of the NWO agenda is to gain total control over religion. After all, the point is to prepare the world for the coming of Satan in borrowed flesh, the Antichrist, and as long as people are worshiping some other deity, the Man of Sin would just be one spiritual suitor among many. So, how do you eliminate all other religions? Easy. You persuade them to give you ultimate control over them.

The conspirators of the NWO knew a complete prohibition against churches would meet with insurrection had they tried it too soon, so they’ve softened the ground by first insisting that churches, like commercial enterprises, pay taxes and then magnanimously waived the taxes if only the churches would become tax-exempt corporations. In the U.S., those corporations are monitored under the IRS regulation 501( c )( 3 ). Here is the definition of “corporation:” An artificial person or legal entity created by or under the authority of the laws of the state or nation ….”

By accepting this cunning tax-exempt offer, churches voluntarily became creations of the man-made state and forfeited any supernatural authority from God they may have possessed. What the state creates it can also abolish, so the relationship between man and God and man and the state became inverted. The state, in fact, has mostly supplanted God in the minds of many people. If they encounter trouble, they no longer pray. They pass laws. By way of the IRS rules, the state dictates much of what these religious corporations may or may not do. The only way to come out from under the jackboot is to freely repudiate the corporation and suffer whatever penalties the state imposes. This is as likely to happen to a significant degree as everyone with a ticket winning the Powerball next week. Since a great deal of money is involved for the churches, from individual tax-exempt donations to huge government grants for charitable programs, Mammon will supplant most all consciences. It already has.

Now, all the elitists, who operate the various governments from their banks, need do is orchestrate an excuse to silence the Church by legal means — like threatening to remove their tax-exempt status if it teaches that marriage is only between one man and one woman — and the visible Church will be rendered completely impotent against the NWO. Under the pretense that “discrimination” against any immoral act of any kind is illegal under government laws, religious faithful will be heavily persecuted and eventually adherents will be imprisoned and killed. The day of persecution has already dawned as witnessed by the skirmishes over same-sex unions and Christian merchants, abortions, compulsory birth control provision, stem cell research, to name but a few. The complete takeover of religion by government won’t need decades to complete. A few laws more, and it’s a done deal.


Next time, I’ll publish Part Two. This should supply you with plenty of ammunition with which to excoriate me for a week. Have at it!

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