The Letterista Unmasked

It’s been several months since The Letterista last posted. She thought she had posted last month, but something within the guts of the platform, or more likely, operator error, sent the post into cyber purgatory where it will live out the rest of time suffering for its unrepented crimes, whatever they were. The gist of it, though, was that The Letterista finds herself unenthusiastic about her former intentions with this blog and hatched a plan to strike out in another direction within this vast desert known as the blogosphere. The camels are loaded, the water skins secured, the broad-brimmed hat hugs my crown.

The first order of business is to rip off the veil of third person formality and get a little naked. Figuratively speaking, of course. No eyes could withstand the sight of The Letterista unclothed. Not even the doctor.

So, my name is Linda Marie June. I am the present iteration of The Letterista, the first. However, as the business plan took shape last year with the silent partner, wisdom peered further down the road to a day when I might be possessed of a schedule too busy to continue the blog, but another may find it the perfect place to showcase his or her writing for potential clients, according to the enduring purpose of this blog.

I offer my services as a freelance writer. That’s the bottom line and final goal of this blog. To that end, I will occasionally post essays, short stories, narratives and other assorted pieces of prose hoping to charm and impress you should you be seeking a writer. Additionally, I plan to feature guest writers from time to time. Why? Simply because I know some writers who, like me, never sought a Master of Fine Arts degree and, therefore, find publishers of the literary magazine types unwilling to even consider our submissions. Here, some may find a place in the absence of their own blog. I invite other writers to contact me if you would like to give it a go.

Enough about me for the moment.

Today, I would like to feature an up and comer, Nicky Ramirez. His blog is Welcome to the Nick, also hosted by WordPress. Here’s a link to his first post, “So We Headed East.

See you in a few days with a list-type article you might enjoy. Beware! I plan to pull no punches in my future posts. I will express controversial opinions from time to time. I hope you hate them and write to tell me so. Or like them and write to tell me so. Either way, comments without cursing are welcome. Insult me in fine prose, and I’ll honor you as a brother/sister wordsmith.

Linda June



Published by

The Letterista

Throughout The Letterista's adult life, she has been an employee for several employers in both retail and contract fulfillment (private contract companies); she's been a private contractor and a small business owner, as well. A great many years were spent managing the offices of a construction trade where the competition was thick and the stakes were high, so the proper, professional handling of complaints and bad reviews was more than just a little important. The skills of good documentation and letter-writing were finely honed in that environment. Now, she writes for fun and profit.

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